UC One Q&A

How do I apply?
All you need to do is go to the UC One applications site. You can apply to one or all of the streams of study, simply rank your choices.

Which applicant number do I need to use to access the UC One application?
You will need to use the U of T applicant number that has been issued to you from the University. This nine or ten digit number begins with ’99′ or ’10′ respectively.

Do I have to be a University College student in order to be eligible to apply to UC One?
No. Any first-year Faculty of Arts and Science student who has applied to the St. George campus is eligible to apply to UC One.

Do I need to wait until I receive an acceptance from U of T before applying to UC One?
Yes. Once you have received and accepted your offer to UofT, you may apply to the UC One program.

Does UC One count as a credit toward a Major or Specialist in any Arts and Science program of study?
UC One courses can be used as elective courses and can count toward breadth requirements but are not approved for programs.

More questions?Please contact the UC One Coordinator at uc.one@utoronto.ca or cecille.sioulis@utoronto.ca