Welcome to University College! As a parent or family member of a U of T student we know you have been an important source of support on their journey to university.  Just as the transition to university marks a new stage in your student's life, you too will be experiencing some changes and new challenges.  We want to provide you with the information and resources necessary to help you support your student and engage you in the UC community.


UC and U of T offer a wide range of resources and support to assist students throughout their university experience.  We highly encourage students to ask questions or seek support when they need it. 

Registrar's Office

The staff of the Registrar's Office is available to provide academic advising.  They can assist students with questions related to academic progress, course selection, registration and finances.

The Registrar's Office is located in Rm 157 of University College. They can be reached at or 416-978-3170.

Dean of Student's Office

The Dean of Students is responsible for supporting student life activities and community development in the college. This includes social, cultural, academic and life skills programs and activities, as well as residence and commuter student support, and the administration of residence operations.

The Dean of Students Office is located at 15 King's College Circle, D105.  For inquires related to residence life contact or 416-978-2530.  For inquiries related to student life contact or 416-978-2531.

Student Life Programs & Services

While your student will obtain much of their support through the College, central Student Life Programs & Services provides a number of more specialized services that are accessible to all U of T students.  This includes Health Services, Counselling & Psychological Services, the Academic Success Centre, the Career Centre and many more.


The University is required by law to protect students' confidential information.  This means that we are unable to share information about grades, behavioural or other issues with parents and family members without a student's permission.  We understand that this can be a difficult transition - particularly for parents who were heavily involved in their student's education up to this point.  However, learning to manage difficult situations is part of the learning experience and we provide a range of services and resources to support students through any challenges they may encounter.

We encourage you to discuss with your student how you will maintain communication throughout their university experience.  Encourage your student to be candid with you about his/her progress so that you can be supportive and helpful.


For additional resources and support we encourage you to visit the U of T Parent and Family website.  You may also wish to register for the Parent & Family E-Newsletter. The eNews offers the parents, families, guardians and friends of our students, opportunities to understand and support students, keep up-to-date with University news and activities, and be informed of events. It is distributed in August, October, January and March.

For more information contact or follow them on Twitter @UTFamily