Academic Programs

University College sponsors three interdisciplinary undergraduate programs: Canadian Studies, Cognitive Science, and Health Studies. Additionally, the College sponsors UC One, an exciting, new set of small seminar classes for first-year students.

The benefits of enrolling in one of UC's signature, interdisciplinary programs include:

  • accessing different ways of thinking
  • meeting up with like-minded students
  • interacting with leading instructors
  • honing your writing skills and critical thinking skills
  • becoming a more engaged student
  • having the opportunity to do research at the undergraduate level

University College students also have the option to study in any undergraduate program offered by the Faculty of Arts & Science, not just the programs offered by the College. You don't have to be a UC student to enrol in UC sponsored programs; any student in the Faculty of Arts & Science can apply.

For more information on the academic programs offered by University College, please explore the individual program websites, call (416) 978-8083, or write to

Independent Study Courses

University College also has four independent study courses that give students an opportunity to design an independent research course at the 300- or 400-level not otherwise available within the Faculty. For more information on the eligibility requirements and application procedure to enrol in a UC Independent Study course, please click here.