The Cognitive Science program offers two programs:

Both of these are Type 2 Subject POSts.

Those pursuing studies in fields like computer science, linguistics, neuroscience, philosophy, and psychology who wish to explore connections between these areas and broader questions about human and machine intelligence find a natural home in our program. We offer an academically rigorous curriculum comprising a blend of mind-related courses in Computer Science, Human Biology, Linguistics, Philosophy, and Psychology, as well as special Cognitive Science courses (COG250Y Introduction to Cognitive Science and COG401H/402H Cognitive Science Seminar). But precisely because our students have such diverse academic interests, we also offer a choice of course stream after the second year. The Arts Major has a “Perception and Attention” stream, a “Language and Cognition” stream, and a “Thinking and Reasoning” stream; the Science Major has a “Computational Cognition” stream and a “Cognition and the Brain” stream. Choice of stream allows students the freedom to tailor their course selection to meet their own intellectual and career interests.