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The Founding College of the University of Toronto
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Be Mentored by Alumni

Learn new skills to succeed after graduation. Grow your network and make connections to support your career with the help of UC alumni.

Plan your Next Steps with the UC Career Mentorship Program

The UC Career Mentorship Program is a career development experience created by the University College Advancement Office and Dean of Students. This an opportunity for UC students to be matched with alumni members of the University College community to gain insights on potential career options and while learning from the experiences of graduate students with similar backgrounds and interests.

This year, we will be having digital engagement to connect mentors and mentees to provide accessible, safe, and meaningful connections through the school year. 

How It Works

mentor and mentee standing side by side

We match you with alumni

Complete an application and we’ll find an appropriate mentor in your area of study or career interest.

students and alumni mingling during a networking event

Meet and Greet Networking Event

Meet your mentor and other mentees at a kickoff opening reception and networking event.

two students talking to each other

Connect Over the Academic Year

Connect with your mentor at least four times during the year by email, phone, or in person.

All interested students will fill out an application form stating their interests, future goals, and what they are looking for in a mentor.

Next, all applicants will be placed in small group interviews via. Microsoft Teams, to learn more about their intentions with the program, to best align them with a mentee.  Once completed, the interview panel will be reviewing all applications to be match students with mentors from the vast catalogue of University College Alumni.

If selected, students will be expected to attend a Virtual Training and Reception.

Why Should I Apply?

  • Gain one-on-one career advice from alumni. Ask them questions, seek advice and learn to transition from student life to work life or post-graduate studies;
  • Build a professional network of alumni and peers. Attend networking events and valuable workshops to make the most of our alumni community;
  • Develop a career plan. Get a guaranteed one-on-one session with our career educator and make a plan for after graduation.


You must meet these eligibility requirements: 

  1. Must be registered as a third or fourth year student.
  2. Must complete our Career Mentorship Program Application before the provided deadline
  3. Must attend an Interview between Wednesday September 23rd and Wednesday September 30th, 2020
  4. Students are expected to attend a Mandatory Online Mentee Training Session on Friday October 16th, 2020
  5. Available to attend a Career Mentorship Digital Ceremony on the week of October 19th, 2020


The Career Mentorship Program is not a job placement service and students agree not to solicit employment from alumni mentors. Soliciting mentors for employment will result in removal from the program.

Positive Impact

"The mentorship program was helpful in bridging the gap between what it's like to face problems in the real world -- how to set a course for yourself --and how we think those problems would unfold while we're still in school. I would do it again."

Fayadh Al-Mosawi
Rotman Commerce 

“The [mentorship] program connected me with valuable advice that helped shape my professional life. It gave me an opportunity to really think about my career aspirations.”

Joel Crocker
Computer Science