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The Founding College of the University of Toronto
A group of students from UC Lit 2018-2019

UC Lit

What is the UC Lit?

The UC Lit, also known as the University College Literary and Athletic Society, is the student council of University College. It is the oldest democratically elected student government in Canada. The UC Lit aims build a strong community by enriching the everyday experiences of its students, both academically and extracurricularly.

We host numerous events throughout the year that support UC’s commuters and residents academically, artistically, and athletically. Our events range from pancake brunches and cookie decorating to exam de-stressors and academic support sessions, to coffeehouses and big formals like Fireball. We also provide spaces for students to come together to discuss and get involved in matters of equity, sustainability, and mental wellness.

How does the UC Lit work?

The UC Lit is the democratically elected student government of University College. It is steered by a core executive composed of the President, Vice President, and Finance Commissioner. It also has 10 commissioners who are each responsible for a different commission and representatives from each year of study who run events, plan initiatives, and build community. Nearly all members of council are elected in the Spring and First Year Representatives are elected in September.

The UC Lit Council meets at least once a month in the Junior Common Room. Our meetings serve as a way to update each other and the entire college on the multitude of events and initiatives going on within the college. They also serve as a forum for all UC students to actively engage with their representatives to ensure accountability and transparency. The UC Lit has many sub committees made up of council members that are responsible for small tasks such as managing the constitution or engaging with the College administration.

Each Commissioner has one or two deputies to help them complete tasks that further the efforts of each commission. However you don’t need one of these titles to be an active member of a commission. Every commission has meetings on a regular basis that UC students can join to discuss the kinds of events and initiatives they want to see.