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The Founding College of the University of Toronto
two young women and a young man looking at a book, with University College quadrangle and other students in background

UC History in Pictures: 1950s & 1960s

Images from the 1950s and 1960s at University College (and the University of Toronto), compiled by the UC Librarian.

Yearbook photo of thirteen men in suits, captioned "Commerce Club"
In 1950, the U of T Commerce Club included Leonard Braithwaite (UC 1950), seated on the left, who later became the first Black Canadian elected to a provincial legislature -- he was elected to the Ontario Legislature, serving from 1963 to 1975.
three women in front of fireplace
Lakshmi Rao, don of Whitney Hall (centre) with student residents (early 1950s?).
Malcolm Wallace wearing mortarboard in front of University College
Malcolm Wallace (1873-1960), with University College in the background. Professor Wallace was the UC principal (as well as heading the English department) from 1928 to 1944.
yearbook photo of Douglas Salmon
Dr. Douglas Salmon (UC 1951) was the first Black surgeon in Canada. Next to his yearbook photo it says "Physiology and Biochemistry; Harbord C.I.; I.S.O. I-IV; Senior Swimming I-II; Basketball III-IV; Tennis IV. Future: Medicine or PhD in Biochemistry."
Sally Hogg and Marion B. Ferguson in conversation
Sally Hogg (UC 1953), who was an editor at the Varsity, talking with Marion Ferguson in 1952-53. Marion B. Ferguson was UC's dean of women from the early 1930s until the mid-1950s.
Ten men in hockey uniforms and one man in suit and tie
A University College men's hockey team (year unknown).
Woman serving tea from a samovar to two other women
Time for tea; this photo appeared in the 1952-53 UC Bulletin.
About thirty people sitting around a large oval table, including about four women
Twenty-three men and four women at a University College Council meeting in Croft Chapter House, 1953.
Three young men in suits reading magazines by the fire, in armchairs.
UC students in residence, reading by the fireplace. This photo appeared in the 1953-54 UC Bulletin.
Elderly man sitting on a porch, playing a violin
Prof. G.H. Needler (in the 1950s?). Professor Needler (1866-1962) was chair of the German department at University College from 1914 to 1936.
Margaret Hiltz working at desk, with shelves of books in the background
The 1954-55 UC Bulletin included this photo of Margaret Hiltz, with the caption "Miss M.R. Hiltz (UC '27) is in charge of the University College Reading Room (South Wing, Second Floor). East Hall Library is open daily for undergraduate use."
David P. Gauthier in Junior Common Room in front of list of names on wall
Eminent philosopher David P. Gauthier (UC 1954), in his student days in the Junior Common Room at UC, where he was literary director of the UC Lit.
Sir Daniel Wilson residence including clock tower
Sir Daniel Wilson Residence -- which was then the men's residence at UC -- in 1954 or 1955.
Woman standing on grass with University College in the background
Markéta Charlot Goetz-Stankiewicz (UC 1954) in front of UC, where she was active in the Cercle Français and the German Club. She later became an eminent professor of Czech, German, and Polish literature at the University of British Columbia.
Yearbook photos of nine graduating students
From UC's class of 1955, Julius Isaac (centre) became Chief Justice of the Federal Court of Canada. Top row: Isabel Huehn, Ann Hutt, Anne Innis. Middle: Hugh Innis, Julius Isaac, Seymour Iseman. Bottom: Doris Jensen, Gerald Jonas, John Kajioka.
A young man and two young women holding clipboards
UC mathematics and physics students Alice Bielesch, Carl Riehm and Marion Burgess were photographed after obtaining first class honours in the 1955 annual examinations.
David M. Hayne reading a book, next to shelves filled with books
David M. Hayne (1921-2008), professor of French, was both an alumnus (UC 1942) and a UC faculty member. He also served as UC's registrar from 1956 to 1961.
Three young women looking at a "Room Plan for University College"
Three UC students from Northern Ontario, featured in the 1955-56 UC Bulletin. Left to right: Joan Macdonald (from Kapuskasing), Joan Lavery (from New Liskeard) and Frances Brumell (from Haileybury).
Three women studying near shelves of books
Studying in the library at Whitney Hall (UC women's residence), around 1955.
Woman seated behind large desk with counter
M.E. Blackburn, secretary to the principal of University College, circa 1955.
Front cover of theatre programme for "Kiss Me Kate"
Program for a 1956 UC production of "Kiss Me Kate" at Hart House, directed by Leon Major (UC 1955), who went on to become a prominent opera and theatre director.
Johnny Wayne and Frank Shuster and six young women posing with one knee raised
Famed comedy duo Wayne and Shuster join members of the 1957 UC Follies cast at a rehearsal. Johnny Wayne (UC 1940) and Frank Shuster (UC 1939) had performed with the UC Follies in their own student days.
About 20 members of B'nai B'rith Hillel
B'nai B'rith Hillel in 1958 (from the U of T yearbook "Torontonensis"). In the back row on the right are author David Lewis Stein (UC 1960) and politician/diplomat Stephen Lewis (UC 1959).
eight members of the West Indian Students' Assocation (five men and two women)
U of T's West Indian Students' Assocation included Romain W. Pitt (UC 1959), standing second from the left, who went on to become a prominent lawyer and judge of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. (From Torontonensis, 1959.)
Man in suit with a cigarette in one hand and paper in the other, smiling
Prof. Michel Sanouillet (1924-2015), who taught in the French department at University College in the 1950s and '60s, leading a sing-along for a UC modern-language club.
Room with couches, chairs, and tables
A common room of UC's Sir Daniel Wilson Residence, which was then a men's residence, around 1960.
Mary Quayle Innis
Mary Quayle Innis (1899-1972), an author and economic historian, was UC's dean of women from 1955 to 1964. (Two of her children appear in the 1955 yearbook photos above; all four of her and Harold Adams Innis's children had been UC students.)
classroom with about eight rows of wooden desks
A classroom in the basement of UC; this room had previously served as a bakery and kitchen.
small room containing a table with wooden chairs, a blackboard with Greek writing, and a small bookshelf containing books and papers
A seminar room in UC's basement (note the Greek writing on the blackboard).
About thirteen young women sitting in a semi-circle.
Students in a common room of Whitney Hall (then a UC women's residence), 1960-1961.
about 50 women in 4 rows, with their names listed below
The residents of Falconer House, Whitney Hall, in 1960-61.
A.S.P. Woodhouse wearing a suit
A.S.P. Woodhouse (1895-1964) got his BA at UC in 1919 and went on to become head of the English dept. at UC and a John Milton scholar.
Older woman cutting cake which says "U.C. 1901" while older man looks on
Cutting the cake for UC's Class of 1901 at a reunion.
Students reading at tables and desks, with stained glass windows above
UC's East Hall in 1961-62, when it was a reading room.
Moffatt St. Andrew Woodside, seated
Moffatt St. Andrew Woodside (1906-1970). Professor Woodside was the principal of University College from 1959 to 1963. He was also a UC alumnus (BA 1928).
Laidlaw wing partially built, and back campus
Construction of the Laidlaw wing on the north side of the University College building, in 1963.
women looking in card catalogue, with two library service desks in background
When the UC Library opened in the Laidlaw wing in 1964, it occupied the first and second floors (later reduced to just the second floor).
Front page of "The Gargoyle Magazine, a journal of opinion, September 29, 1964"
This 1964 issue of The Gargoyle, a UC student magazine, is particularly noteworthy for an article by Heather Dean about gay bashing, called "The Varsity Sport Nobody Reports."
Ad for Nov. 25 talk by Sidney Katz, sponsored by the Humanist & Unitarian Society of The University of Toronto, "The Problem of Homosexuality"
This ad appeared in The Varsity on Nov. 25, 1964. Sidney Katz's lecture at UC that day advocated that homosexuality be decriminalized and that people "realize the problems of homosexuals and adopt a tolerant, humane, compassionate attitude."
Professor Walter Bauer seated at desk
Walter Bauer (1904-1976) was a professor of German at University College. He was also a novelist, biographer, and poet; some of his work in German was translated into English by Henry Beissel (UC 1958).
three books by Edward A. Lacey: The Forms of Loss, Path of Snow, and Later
The Forms of Loss, by Edward A. Lacey (UC 1959), was published in 1965 and is credited with being the first book of openly gay poetry in Canada.
about ten students talking or reading in the Junior Common Room
Students in UC's Junior Common Room in 1966.
many young men in suits, ties, and academic robes, sitting at long dining tables, eating
Howard Ferguson Dining Hall in 1966, when it was still the dining hall for male residents of UC -- and when the men still wore academic robes (and ties) to dinner.
four men and one woman working on a magazine
The staff of The Gargoyle (UC student magazine), in 1966.
Two teachers and about fifteen students (with headphones) in a language lab
UC's new French laboratory in 1967.
About 15 women eating at dining tables
Students dining at Whitney Hall (then a UC women's residence) in 1967.
Douglas LePan
Douglas LePan, UC's principal from 1964 to 1970, was an English professor, soldier, civil servant and award-winning author. His 1964 novel The Deserter drew on his wartime experiences; his 1990 poetry collection Far Voyages included gay love poems.
three young women talking at a table, with many other students in the background
Students in the University College refectory (i.e., cafeteria) in 1968. The refectory was in the basement of UC's Laidlaw wing.
plaque headed "Sexual Diversity Activism at the University of Toronto"
This historical plaque by the east side of University College (erected in 2011) commemorates the University of Toronto Homophile Association's Nov. 4, 1969 meeting at UC and sexual diversity activism at the University of Toronto.
two young women and a young man looking at a book, with University College quadrangle and other students in background
A lovely day in 1969, in the University College quad (under the arches of the Laidlaw wing).
Woman seated at desk holding paper
Norma Bliss (UC 1961) joined the Registrar's Office at UC after graduation and became Assistant Registrar. (Photo from 1960s or early 1970s.)