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The Founding College of the University of Toronto
Five students sitting in a semi-circle

UC History in Pictures: 1970s & 1980s

Images from the 1970s and 1980s at University College (and the University of Toronto), compiled by the UC Librarian.

Two people walking with a dog, seen through an archway, with University College in background
A romantic walk through Sir Dan's Quad at UC, 1970.
Silhouettes of two people seemingly holding books, in front of stained glass window
Sillhouetted by a stained glass window at UC, in 1970. The University College motto is Parum claris lucem dare: To shed light on that which is obscure.
Many people seated around large table in Croft Chapter House
A 1970 meeting in Croft Chapter House at University College.
five women about to enter or exit the University College quadrangle through a gate
Students going in and out of the UC quadrangle through the gate on its north side.
two young women studying in library
Studying at the University College Library in 1971.
Five students sitting in a semi-circle.
A UC residence common room in 1972.
about eight students seated around a table with a professor, taking notes as the professor speaks
A UC seminar class in 1972, taught by Classics professor Ronald Shepherd (1925-2016). Prof. Shepherd also served as UC's registrar from 1961 to 1970.
Ornate wooden carving of imaginary creature on staircase bannister
The "dragon" or "gryphon" staircase in UC's east wing dates from the restoration of University College following the fire of 1890. The carved creature has the head of a bird, the body of a lion and the tail of a serpent (photo from 1973).
About twenty people in academic robes walking across front campus, with University College in the background
Convocation procession from UC to Convocation Hall, in 1974.
Students reading at study carrels or tables
Studying in carrels at the University College Library, probably in the 1970s.
Man next to carved stone pillar
Albert, University College custodian, circa 1970s.
A young woman holding a football and smiling, with other students in the background
Enjoying a game of touch football (photo from the University College Bulletin, 1976).
Professor Margaret Jane Sinden holding a cigarette, in front of bookshelves
A professor of German at University College, Margaret Jane Sinden (1915-1979) was one of the first women at U of T to attain the rank of full professor. Prof. Sinden was also a UC alumna (BA 1937).
Student holding a telephone receiver and looking at a screen and a sign that says "how to find books: the microcatalogue way; push red button and pick up phone"
At orientation for new students in 1977, students learned "how to find books the microcatalogue way."
A group of students listening to a professor, who is holding a large key
A tour of University College by Prof. Humphrey Milnes during student orientation, 1977.
A woman talking with a young man
Linda Cook (associate registrar at UC), meeting with a student, circa 1970s.
Stephen Martineau, teaching while sitting at a desk
Stephen Martineau, who taught Drama at UC. Daniel Brooks (UC 1981) has said "More than anything else, what dragged me into the theatre was when Stephen Martineau [...] took an interest in me [...] The community he cultivated at UC became mine."
A woman kneeling beside the open drawer of a filing cabinet
Christine McKenzie was secretary to the registrar at UC for over thirty years. (Photo circa 1970s.)
A woman performing opera, and an audience watching
A demonstration of Chinese opera at the University College Playhouse by Cai Jun of the Peking Opera, summer 1979. Photo by David Lloyd (Oakville, Ont.), courtesy of University of Toronto Archives (A2012-0009/81(08)).
Phyllis Grosskurth seated at desk with typewriter
Prof. Phyllis Grosskurth (1924-2015), a prominent biographer and one of the first women professors hired by the UC English department (in 1965). Photo by Erin Combs, 1979, courtesy of the Toronto Star Archives.
Five students reading, eating, or talking in a corner of the Junior Common Room
Students enjoying the JCR (Junior Common Room) in January 1980.
Customers browsing tables covered with books
The annual University College Book Sale, East Hall, 1980.
Barbara Frum and Peter Richardson holding tea cups
Alumna and broadcaster Barbara Frum (UC 1959) with Principal Peter Richardson, at a reunion to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Whitney Hall residence.
Two students seated at a table with books and papers, and a professor standing next to them
Canadian Studies Students' Union office, 1982: UC French professor Ben-Zion Shek (1927-2011) with students Jim Williamson and Kim Gaynor.
Ingrid Epp sitting at a desk, smiling, with bookshelves behind her
Ingrid Epp (1938-2016), University College Librarian, in 1984.
Two women in conversation with Principal Peter Richardson at a reception.
Enid D'Oyley (UC 1961), Catherine (Bryans) Fallis (UC 1941) and UC Principal Peter Richardson in Croft Chapter House, 1985.
room with three rows of desks and a round stained-glass window
UC's room 376, with its beautiful window and ceiling, when it was used as a classroom. As part of the UC Revitalization, this space became a café (The Owlery, which opened in January, 2023.)
three women and one man, dressed up and wearing name tags
Scholarship Dinner, 1985: Candice Benjamin, Clark Warren, Lorraine Gotlib and Kathleen Taylor.
Professor David Rayside seated in Junior Common Room
Prof. David Rayside in the JCR (Junior Common Room) at University College, May 1985. That year Prof. Rayside began speaking on campus about sexual orientation issues. Photo by Steve Dehal, courtesy of University of Toronto Archives (A2012-0009/21(56)).
Description of POL315Y, Sexual Politics, as "Political issues arising from gender relations and differences in sexual orientation; the political mobilization around those issues in North America and Western Europe."
The 1985-86 Arts & Science Calendar included U of T's first course on sexual politics, taught by Prof. David Rayside of University College, a prominent political scientist and activist on issues related to gender and sexual orientation.
Demonstrators on steps of college, with signs saying "No to racist science" and "Racist Jensen get off campus"
An anti-racist demonstration on the steps of University College in May 1985. Photo by Steve Dehal, courtesy of University of Toronto Archives (A2012-0009/81(08)).
East Hall, including rows of empty desks and stained glass window
East Hall -- the former and future home of the University College Library -- with rows of desks for examinations. The stained-glass windows, dating from 1910, commemorate three UC students killed in the Battle of Ridgeway in 1866. (Photo circa 1980s.)
Ed Doolittle
Ed Doolittle (UC 1990) did his BA, MSc and PhD in math at U of T, where he was active in the Native Students' Association. He went on to become a math prof at the First Nations University of Canada. Photo by Jewel Randolph, U of T Bulletin, Jan. 21, 1991.
Covered walkway in University College quadrangle, with two men walking hand in hand
A romantic walk along the north side of the UC quadrangle (circa 1980s?). Photo courtesy of The Varsity and University of Toronto Archives (B2011-0015/035(01)).