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The Founding College of the University of Toronto
Airplane landed on grass in front of University College

UC History in Pictures: 1910s & 1920s

Images from the 1910s and 1920s at University College (and the University of Toronto), compiled by the UC Librarian.

Five women playing ice hockey and a male official holding a hockey puck
Members of U of T's Varsity Ladies Hockey Team in 1910 included (left to right) Evelyn McDonald (UC 1910), Minnie Barry (UC 1911), Annie Hunter (UC 1913), Olive Bonnar (UC 1910) and Anne Sutherland (UC 1910). Photo courtesy of U of T Archives.
aerial view of Front Campus showing over 100 people in academic robes walking from University College to Convocation Hall
Convocation procession across Front Campus, from University College to Convocation Hall, in 1910.
one woman and three men in an office
University College bursaries office, 1911.
Front cover of a dance card with University College logo and the words "Argyle Hall, January 12th, 1914"
A dance card, complete with pencil, from a UC dance held on January 12, 1914.
Inside of a dance card with list of dances and pencilled names
The inside of a UC dance card, January 12, 1914.
Six women and five men wearing academic robes
The 1917 U of T yearbook states that UC's Class of 1918 "is greatly reduced in number. Very many of our noble fellows have enlisted for overseas service and are now serving their country."
Names and photos of 27 men under the heading "Prisoners" and of 9 men under the heading "Missing"
Throughout the First World War, The Varsity published an annual supplement devoted to the war. The 1917 supplement included this list of prisoners of war and missing soldiers, many of them from University College.
two women in academic robes and mortarbards, walking and smiling
Clara Benson (BA 1899 UC, PhD 1903) and Constance Laing (BA 1892 Trinity, MA 1902), seen here at a 1917 Convocation. Clara Benson was the first woman at U of T to get a BA in Chemistry and one of U of T's first women profs.
Gates and snowy park with University College in distance
A wintry view from Queen's Park in 1918; you can see University College in the distance.
Distant view of rows of soldiers with University College in background
Soldiers on U of T's Front Campus, during Canadian Officer Training Corps (COTC) Field Day, around 1918.
Airplane landed on grass in front of University College
An airplane on Front Campus in 1918, in front of University College.
About a dozen students in academic robes, with the caption "University of Toronto Menorah Society Executive, 1917-18" and their names and positions
The U of T Menorah Society's inaugural executive (1917-18) included at least six UC students: Sol Eisen (UC 1918), Frank A. Silverman (UC 1920), Mattie Levi (UC 1921), Bessie Enushevsky (UC 1921), Joseph A. Sweet (UC 1918), and Maxwell Schott (UC 1918).
Eleven women in academic robes, with a caption listing their names and positions under the heading "Executive of the Women's Literary Society of University College, 1918-19"
The Women's Literary Society of UC was founded in 1892. Evangeline Harris (UC 1919), president, became a UC Latin lecturer and resident head of Hutton House (UC women's residence). Honorary president Margaret Fairley became a prominent left-wing activist.
group portrait of three men and two women in academic robes
The "Permanent Executive" of UC's Class of 1919. Photo courtesy of U of T Archives.
Six women and a basketball, with the heading "University College Basketball Team"
Activities sponsored by the Women's Athletic Association of University College in 1918-19 included basketball, tennis, and ice hockey.
Over twenty people in academic robes walking in a procession
Academic procession at U of T on November 11, 1919, one year after the armistice that ended World War I.
Eight men sitting around a table, with other men at tables in background
Professor Barker Fairley (who taught German at UC and was also a painter), with members of the Group of Seven at the Arts & Letters Club in Toronto, around 1920. Prof. Fairley is fourth from left, smoking a pipe.
Flyer headed "Initial Debate, Inter-College Debating Union of Toronto"
Flyer for a 1921 debate between Osgoode Hall and University College, held in UC's West Hall.
Front cover of "Order of Service, Dedication of the Soldiers' Tower", with a drawing of Solders' Tower
Soldiers' Tower, next door to University College, was completed in 1924.
Portrait of Maurice Hutton by J.E.H. MacDonald
James Edward Hervey MacDonald, Mauricius Hutton, 1925, oil, 152.4 x 121.28 cm. Commissioned from the artist, 1924. University College Collection UC302, Art Museum University of Toronto. (Prof. Maurice Hutton was Principal of UC from 1901 to 1928.)
Printed invitation to "Arts Ball, In Hart House, Friday January 27th, 1928"
Invitation to an Arts Ball held by the UC Lit in 1928.
Photos of six men and five women
Among UC's 1928 graduates was Louis Rasminsky (top row, second from left), who would later become the third Governor of the Bank of Canada. His yearbook entry reads: "Economics; Honours; 'Varsity' Staff II; Foreign Affairs Club; Menorah Exec."
About 15 young women on front campus, with University College behind them
Students on front campus in 1928, with UC in the background. Photo courtesy of City of Toronto Archives: "University of Toronto students." Photographer: William James. 1928. City of Toronto Archives. Fonds 1244, Item 2534.