Canadian Studies Student Union

The Canadian Studies Student Union is an organization entirely run and operated by students, which runs alongside UC’s Canadian Studies program. It has been a small organization for several years, but is currently working to expand into a much more active and recognized group. The objective of the organization is to create both social and academic opportunities for Canadian Studies students to meet each other outside of the classroom environment. In the past, this has been achieved most notably by hosting pub nights and showcasing guest speakers including actor Eric Peterson, writer Rick Salutin, hockey player and politician Ken Dryden, and Professor Steve Penfold.

Executive Members 2017-2018

Position Name
President Alexandra Thatcher
Vice-President - Academic Madeleine Ross
Asian-Canadian Studies Chelsea Colwill
Director of Communications John Richardson
Member Representative  Caitlin Morishita-Miki


The Canadian Studies Student Union at the University of Toronto organizes social activities and academic seminars, as well as provides resources and assists students with academic concerns. We are committed to building connections between students interested in Canada and enriching the experience of the students in our program. We hope to facilitate an open environment in which students can participate in an ongoing dialogue about the socioeconomic, political, and cultural aspects of Canada and Canadian Society. 

We encourage all students to get involved by joining the executive, coming to general meetings, or attending events. Feel free to read our constitution.

Executive Member Biographies

Chelsea Colwill is a second year student majoring in History and Ethics, Society, and Law with a minor in Asian Canadian Studies. She has interest in Canadian history, immigration law, and Canadian nationalism. Chelsea looks forward to both studying and working with the Canadian Studies department and is excited to meet other people in the program.

Olivia Dziwak is a fourth year Victoria College student, majoring in Canadian Studies and minoring in History, and Book and Media Studies. Her research interests lie at the intersection of Canadian Studies and media, and especially in the ways in which various mediums are used to promote and perpetuation ideas about nation and national character. To this end she has done research on the influence of the internet on the ways in which Canadian Millennials perceive authority, and is currently engaged in research on Canadian graphic novels as a unique and innovative medium. She hopes to enter graduate school for communications studies and continue to do research in this field. Olivia is also thrilled to be the lead editor on this year's issue of ImagiNATIONs, the Canadian Studies Undergraduate Journal, and looks forward to working with Canadian Studies students in both this role as well as CANSSU's VP Social to bring about a fantastic year for the Canadian Studies department.

Kieran McCormick is a fourth year Trinity College student from Lennoxville, Quebec, double-majoring in History and Canadian Studies and minoring in Human Geography. He has served as an editorial assistant for ImagiNATIONS, the Canadian Studies Undergraduate Journal, and is currently undertaking an independent research project on the legacy of the Quiet Revolution on Anglophone communities in Quebec. Interested in pursuing a career in education, this is Kieran’s first year serving as the President of CANSSU, and looks forward to an exciting year ahead.

Celia Wandio is a fourth year Trinity College student, majoring in Canadian Studies and minoring in Equity Studies and History. Her main areas of interest concern social justice in the Canadian context, particularly how Canadian history and other aspects of Canadian society shape our conceptions of race, gender, class, etc. As she is originally from Prince Edward Island, Celia is also interested in regional differences in Canadian approaches to social justice issues. She has loved how the Canadian Studies program has allowed her to explore different disciplines, including history, sexual diversity studies, and urban studies. She has been involved with the Canadian Studies Student Union for two years and she is grateful for the chance to work with other students in the Canadian Studies program.

Myra Wein 
-Fourth Year
-Major in Diaspora and Transnational Studies Minors in Canadian Studies and Political Science
-Vice President of Academic Affairs for the Canadian Studies Student Union
-Presenter at the UofT Canadian Studies Undergraduate Conference 2014 and 2015
I enjoy the interdisciplinary nature of Canadian Studies. I am free to explore the evolving subject of our nation Canada from many lenses like political science, history, and urban studies. In Canadian Studies, I am given many opportunities to engage with Canadian subject matter analytically and creatively.