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The Founding College of the University of Toronto
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Courses Offered by the Canadian Studies Program

Course Course Title 2022-2023 Instructors

Citizenship In Canada

Shawn Micallef

Inventing Canada

Elan Marchinko


Canada, Colonialism and Settler Relations

Sessional Lecturer


Canada-Hong Kong Migration

Amardeep Kaur

Quebec Culture

Rosa Saverino

Topics in Canadian Studies I

Not offered 2022-2023

Voices in Canadian Writing

Not offered 2022-2023

Culture and the Media in Canada

Rick Salutin

Asian Canadian History

Not offered 2022-2023

Italian Canadian Studies

Not offered 2022-2023

Canadian Nationalisms

Tina Park

Canada & Globalization

Emily Gilbert

Canadian Jewish History

Course Instructor


Topics in Canadian Studies II - Chinese Canadian Communities and Oral Histories



Sessional Lecturer

Serene Tan

Asian Canadian Space & Place

Sessional Lecturer


Black Canadian Studies

Audrey Hudson

The History of Canadian-U.S. Relations

Hannah Anderson

Digital Media, Digital Makers

Siobhan O'Flynn

Canadian Pluralism

Siobhan O'Flynn

Canada's Borders

Emily Gilbert

Sociocultural Perspectives of Canadian Jewish Community

Not offered 2022-2023

Re-Imagining Canada: Creative Visions of Our Past, Present, and Futures

Siobhan O'Flynn

Chinese Canadian Studies

Melanie Ng


Independent Study in Asian Canadian Studies



The University in Canada

Grace Barakat


Topics in Canadian Studies III - Data Privacy in Canada

Siobhan O'Flynn

Senior Essay in Canadian Studies

Rick Salutin

Independent Research in Canadian Studies



Active Citizenship in a Canadian Context

Not offered 2022-2023

Canadian Theatre

Not offered 2022-2023

Italian Canadian Communities

Not offered 2022-2023

Italian Canadian Culture and Identity

Paolo Frasca


Introduction to HIV/AIDS: Health, Sexuality and Gender

Scott Rayter

Queerly Canadian (formerly UNI325H1)

Scott Rayter

The Canadian Wilderness

Not offered 2022-2023

Truths & Reconciliations in Canada

Krista Barclay

UC Independent Study Courses

University College also has four independent study courses that give students an opportunity to design an independent research course at the 300- or 400-level not otherwise available within the Faculty. For more information on the eligibility requirements and application procedure please visit the UC Independent Study webpage.

Courses Approved for Canadian Studies POSts

Students can also nominate a course in other units not on this list, as long as they can verify that the course deals with Canadian issues to a significant extent (about 30%) —which could include a First Year Foundations or Special Topics course.

Indigenous Studies

INS201Y1 Introduction to Indigenous Studies: Foundations, History, and Politics
INS210Y1 Introduction to Anishinaabemowin
INS220Y1 Introduction to an Iroquoian Language
INS230H1  Introduction to Inuktitut
INS231H1 Elementary Inuktitut
INS261H1 Contemporary Challenges Facing Indigenous Communities New!
INS301Y1 Native Language and Culture
INS302H1 Aboriginal Representation in the Mass Media
INS310Y1 Anishinaabemowin II
INS320Y1 Kanien’kéha II
INS350H1 Indigenous Health Systems
INS351Y1 Indigenous Legends and Teaching
INS352H1 Indigenous Leadership, Policy, and Practices in Canada
INS353H1 First Nations Politics in Canada
INS360Y1 Politics and Process of Reconciliation in Canada
INS403H1 Indigenous Peoples and the Urban Context
INS407H1 Indigenous Environmental Justice
INS410H1 Anishinaabewin Intellectual Traditions, Narrative and Culture
JPA354H1 Indigenous Rights and Indigenous Law in Canada (Not offered 2021-2022)
JFP450H1 Indigenous Issues in Health and Healing
JPI201H1 Indigenous Politics in Canada (formerly JPA308H1 / POL308H1)


ANT204H1 Social & Cultural Anthropology
ANT315H1 Arctic Archaeology
ANT322H1 Anthropology of Youth Culture
ANT365H1 Native America and the State (Not offered 2021-2022)
ANT412H1 Historical Archaeology


FAH248H1 Canadian Painting 1665-1960
FAH354H1 Recent and Contemporary Canadian Art
FAH376H1 Canadian Architecture: A survey
FAH457H1 Issues in Canadian Art, ca. 1900-1940
FAH458H1 Issues in Recent Canadian Art
FAH482H1 Master Works of Art at the Art Gallery of Ontario (Not offered 2021-2022)
FAH485H1 Collecting Canada: Art in the Royal Ontario Museum 
FAH486H1 Case Studies at the Royal Ontario Museum
FAH495H1 Independent Studies in Canadian Art and Architecture (Not offered 2021-2022)
FAH495Y1 Independent Studies in Canadian Art and Architecture (Not offered 2021-2022)

Caribbean Studies (New College)

CAR429H1 Caribbean Diaspora in Canada

Cinema Studies

CIN370H1 Canadian Documentary: Institutions, Practices and Participation

Computer Science

CSC300H1 Computers and Society


DRM230Y1 Concepts of Twentieth-Century Theatre (Not offered 2021-2022)
DRM366H1 Canadian Theatre

East Asian Studies

EAS474H1 U.S. and Canada's Wars in Asia


ECO202Y1 Macroeconomic Theory and Policy
ECO321H1 Canadian Economic History prior to 1850
ECO322H1 Canadian Economic History 1850-1960
ECO349H1 Money, Banking and Financial Markets


ENG215H1 The Canadian Short Story
ENG252H1 Introduction to Canadian Literature
ENG254Y1 Introduction to Indigenous Literatures
ENG350H1 Early Canadian Literature
ENG352H1 Canadian Drama
ENG353Y1 Canadian Fiction
ENG354Y1 Canadian Poetry
ENG355H1 Transnational Indigenous Literatures
ENG356Y1 African Canadian Literature
ENG357H1 New Writing in Canada
ENG368H1 Asian-North American Literature
ENG424H1 Advanced Studies: Canadian and Indigenous North American Literatures (Not offered 2021-2022)
ENG425H1 Advanced Studies: Canadian and Indigenous North American Literatures (Not offered 2021-2022)
ENG428H1 Advanced Studies: Canadian and Indigenous North American Literatures (Not offered 2021-2022)


ENV320H1 National Environmental Policy
ENV323H1 Ontario Environmental Policy

Finnish Studies

FIN320H1 The Finnish-Canadian Immigrant Experience

Forest Conservation

FOR200H1 Conservation of Canada's Forests


FRE210H1 Introduction to Quebec Literature and Culture
FRE273H1 Introduction to the History of the French Language
FRE314H1 Quebec and French-Canadian Literature
FRE379H1 Sociolinguistics of French
FRE410H1 Advanced Topics in Quebec Literature
FRE441H1 Advanced Topics in French Literature: The Writings of New France


GGR124H1 Urbanization, Contemporary Cities and Urban Life
GGR240H1 Historical Geography North America
GGR246H1 Geography of Canada
GGR308H1 Physical Aspects of the Canadian Arctic and Sub-Arctic
GGR321H1 Indigenous People and Environmental Issues in Canada (Not offered 2021-2022)
GGR336H1 Urban Historical Geography of North America
GGR339H1 Urban Geography, Planning and Political Processes
GGR357H1 Housing and Community Development
GGR416H1 Environmental Impact Assessment


HIS263Y1 Introduction to Canadian History (Not offered 2021-2022)
HIS265Y1 Black Canadian History
HIS266H1 Asian Canadian History
HIS300H1 Energy Cultures in North American History
HIS307H1 Canadian Political Issues (Not offered 2021-2022)
HIS311Y1 Introduction to Canadian International Relations
HIS312H1 Immigration to Canada
HIS313H1 Canadian Labour and the Left
HIS314H1 Quebec and French Canada
HIS318H1 Histories of the West in Canada
HIS360H1 African-Canadian History, 1606 to Present
HIS363H1 Dynamics of Gender in Canadian History
HIS365H1 History of the Great Lakes Region
HIS366H1 Aboriginal Peoples of the Great Lakes from 1815 to Present
HIS369H1 Aboriginal Peoples of the Great Lakes from 1500 to 1830
HIS384H1 Colonial Canada
HIS402H1 Canada and Decolonization
HIS405Y1 Canadian Foreign Relations
HIS410H1 Spectacle, Crowds, and Parades in Canada (Not offered 2021-2022)
HIS429H1 Canada and Empire in the Twentieth-Century
HIS430H1 Canadians and the World Wars (Not offered 2021-2022)
HIS462H1 Canadian Intelligence and National Security, 1945 to present (Not offered 2021-2022)
HIS464H1 Religion and Violence in Comparative Perspective
HIS466H1 Topics in Canadian History
HIS469H1 Religion, Culture and Society in Canada (Not offered 2021-2022)
HIS472H1 Indigenous-Newcomer Relations in Canadian History


HUN335H1 Urban vs. Rural: Immigration to and Settlement in North America


ITA233H1 Italian-Canadian Literature
ITA334H1 Italian-Canadian Literature I: Life in a New World (Not offered 2021-2022)
ITA493H1 Italian-Canadian Literature II: Identity and Voice (Not offered 2021-2022)

Joint Courses

JFP450H1 First Nations Issues in Health & Healing
JGU346H1 The Urban Planning Process
JGU454H1 The Role of the Planner: Making a Difference
JPA354H1 Indigenous Rights and Indigenous Law in Canada (Not offered 2021-2022)
JPS315H1 Sexual Diversity Politics (formerly POL315H1)
JQR360H1 The Canadian Census: Populations, Migrations and Demographies
JUG320H1 The Canadian Wilderness


LIN201H1 Canadian English 
LIN458H1 Revitalizing Languages


MUS306H1 Popular Music in North America

New College

CSE346H1 Community Organizing and Global Solidarity

Political Science

JPI201H1 Aboriginal Politics in Canada (formerly JPA308H1 / POL308H1)
JPU315H1 Sexual Diversity Politics (formerly POL315H1)
POL214H1 Canadian Government
POL224H1 Canada in a Comparative Perspective
POL306H1 Urban Politics and Governance in Canada (Not offered 2021-2022)
POL312H1 Canadian Foreign Policy Performance
POL314H1 Public Opinion and Voting (Not offered 2021-2022)
POL316H1 Contemporary Canadian Federalism
POL318H1 Canada and the Global Challenge Since 9/11, Part I: NAFTA (Not offered 2021-2022)
POL334H1 Ontario and Quebec Politics
POL336H1 Topics in Provincial Politics
POL337H1 The Canadian Constitution
POL341H1 Canada and the Global Challenge Since 9/11, Part II: The WTO
POL344Y1 Social Movements in Europe and North America
POL349H1 Globalization and Urban Politics
POL356H1 Canadian Political Parties
POL382H1 Topics in Canadian Politics
POL425Y1 Multiculturalism in Canada (Not offered 2021-2022)
POL439H1 The Canadian Welfare State in Comparative Perspective
POL462H1 Parties and Party Systems: A Canadian Perspective (Not offered 2021-2022)
POL463H1 Comparative Political Parties and Elections
POL467H1 The Politics of Immigration and Multiculturalism in Canada 
POL473H1 Advanced Environmental Politics and Policy in Canada (Not offered 2021-2022)
POL474H1 Politics and Political Analysis
POL490H1/491H1 Special Topics in Canadian Politics


PRT234H1 Portuguese Immigration to North America (Not offered 2021-2022)

Public Policy

PPG301H1 Introduction to Public Policy


RLG308H1 Religion and the City
RLG426H1 Religion in the Public Sphere Service-Learning Internship

St. Michael's College

SMC291H1 Broadcast Media and Culture (Not offered 2021-2022)
CHC372H1 The Catholic Church in Canada
SMC321H1 The Catholic Church and Canadian Law (Not offered 2021-2022)
SMC366H1 Interreligious Dialogues & Practice (Not offered 2021-2022)
CLT376H1 Irish-Canadian Literature
CLT377H1 The Celts in Cape Breton
SMC385H1 Numbers and the Humanities: Multicultural Toronto
CLT413H1 The Irish in Canada
CLT416H1 Irish Nationalism in Canada
SMC428H1 The Spiritual in Modern Art (Not offered 2021-2022)
SMC466H1 Public Broadcasting in Canada (Not offered 2021-2022)

Slavic Languages and Literatures

SLA238H1 Literature of the Ukrainian-Canadian Experience


SOC218H1 Asian Communities in Canada
SOC220H1 Social Inequality in Canada
SOC336H1 Immigration and Race Relations in Canada
SOC383H1 The Sociology of Women and International Migration

Trinity College

TRN160Y1 Public Policy and the Public Good
TRN235H1 Health Policy in Canada: Past, Present and Future
TRN419Y1 Comparative American, British and Canadian Foreign Policy

University College

HST211H1 Canadian Health Policy
HST330H1 Population Health

UNI102H1 Performing the City
UNI103H1 Gradients of Health in an Urban Mosaic
UNI104H1 Sex in the City

Victoria College

VIC119H1 Ancient Narratives in Modern Contexts
VIC351H1 Learning Communities and Higher Education

Woodsworth College

CRI225H1 Criminal Law 
CRI325H1 Criminal Procedure (Not offered 2021-2022)
CRI340H1 Punishment: Theory and Practice
CRI370H1 Youth Justice

Women and Gender Studies

WGS380H1 Aboriginal, Black & Immigrant Women in the Land of Dollars