Located in the heart of the University of Toronto's St George Campus, the residences at University College offer all-gender dormitory-style living in both historic and modern halls.

Dormitory-style living means students have their own Single Room or share a Double Room with another student, while sharing other common areas and facilities with all residents in the building.

Residents at University College live in an all-gender environment, wherein students of all genders live in the same buildings and on the same floors, while using the same shared all-gender washrooms. This approach is consistent with University College's long history as a welcoming community built on traditions of openness, inclusivity, and diversity.



  • Central location on campus
  • Over 600 single rooms and 50 double rooms
  • 70%  of Residents are First Year students
  • All-gender inclusive living environment
  • A-la-carte Meal Plan (mandatory)
  • Living-Learning Communities (optional)
  • Supportive House system with wide range of co-curricular involvement opportunities
  • 24 hour Porter's Desk

Shared Areas and Facilities

  • All-Gender washrooms (aka co-ed, gender-neutral, gender-inclusive) - students of all genders use the same washroom facilities, which have private and locking shower stalls and toilet stalls.
  • Common rooms/lounges and TV rooms
  • Kitchens and/or kitchenettes
  • Games room and music rooms
  • Dedicated study rooms
  • Coin-operated laundry rooms