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The Founding College of the University of Toronto
Whitney Hall Exterior in Summer

Our Buildings

Three buildings. One residence community.

Our residences at University College house more than 730 students in three different buildings. Choose between a traditional dormitory experience in historic buildings or contemporary amenities in a modern hall.

85 St George St

Originally built in 1931 as a women’s residence, Whitney Hall is our oldest residence. Named after Edward C. Whitney, the brother of the sixth Premier of Ontario James P. Whitney, Whitney Hall is home to more than 240 students in single and double rooms and is divided into four houses:

  • Cody House
  • Falconer House
  • Ferguson House
  • Mulock House


  • 155 single rooms and 42 double rooms
  • Spacious common areas
  • Fireplace and mini grand pianos in common rooms
  • Large house communities, 55 to 70 students per house
  • Living-Learning Communities
  • Whitney Hall Quadrangle and Library

73 St George St

Originally built in 1954 as a men’s residence, Sir Daniel Wilson Hall is our second oldest residence. It is named after Sir Daniel Wilson (1816-1892) – a professor of History and English Literature, president of University College (1880-1892) and first president of the federated University of Toronto (1890-1892). Today, Sir Daniel Wilson Residence is home to more than 200 students in mostly single rooms and is divided into six houses:

  • McCaul House
  • Loudon House
  • Hutton House
  • Wallace House
  • Taylor House
  • Jeanneret House


  • 193 single rooms and six double rooms
  • Tightly-knit small house communities, 28 to 42 students per house
  • Fireplace in common rooms
  • Access to full kitchens
  • Sir Daniel Wilson Quadrangle
  • Games room
  • Connected to dining hall and café

75 St George St

With the support of distinguished graduates, Russell J. Morrison (MA 1947, LLD 2004) and Katherine Morrison (PhD 1979, LLD 2004), Morrison Hall opened in 2005 as our third and newest residence, housing more than 260 students in single rooms. It is divided into 5 Houses:

  • Landsberg-Lewis House
  • Bratty House
  • Langley House
  • Perron House
  • Wolfe House


  • 266 single rooms
  • Medium-sized houses, 46 to 67 students per house
  • Elevators and accessible residence rooms
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows in common rooms and study rooms
  • Kitchenettes in common rooms
  • Connected to dining Hall and café