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The Founding College of the University of Toronto
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Apply to Live in Residence

We are excited that you chose University College as a place to live.

Residence Guarantee

Residence is guaranteed to all full-time students entering their first year in an undergraduate program for the first time. To be eligible, you must: 

  1. Complete the University’s common residence application on StarRez  by March 31, 2020 at 11:59 pm ET. 
  2. Receive and accept your admission offer by June 1, 2020 at 11:59 pm ET.
  3. Meet all residence application and payment deadlines. 

With the residence guarantee, you will receive only one residence offer per admission offer

If you are an upper-year student, a transfer student from another college/university or an exchange student, you are not eligible for the residence guarantee and you can join our waiting list.

How to Apply

Follow these instructions to apply for residence at University College. If you miss one or more of the deadlines below, you may lose your residence guarantee and will be placed on the waiting list.

Interest in residence may exceed the number of available spaces. If you are not offered residence at UC and you qualify for the residence guarantee, your file may be transferred to 89 Chestnut Residence

First-Year Students Admitted to University College

To maintain your residence guarantee, follow the instructions below after applying to U of T. 

  1. Obtain or enable your JOINid/UTORid. 
  2. Confirm your interest in residence on StarRez by March 31, even if you have not received an admission offer yet.
  3. Wait for an email inviting you to submit a supplementary residence application. 
  4. Submit your supplementary residence application by the deadline stated in your invitation email. At this stage, the status of your application should be submitted.
  5. Don’t forget to accept your admission offer by June 1, 2020 at 11:59 pm ET. 
  6. Wait to receive a residence offer.

Residence offers are sent to first-year students admitted to University College on a rolling basis after June 1.

No Residence Guarantee? Join the Waiting List.

If you did not maintain (first-year) or are not eligible (upper-year, transfer, and exchange students) for the residence guarantee, submit an application to join our waiting list. 

  1. Obtain or enable your JOINid/UTORid.  
  2. Submit your residence application to join the waiting list on the Student Housing Portal.

We have a limited number of spaces for students on the waiting list and we will not be able to offer residence to most applicants. We only send residence offers to students on the waiting list beginning July 1; additional offers are sent on an ongoing basis as spaces become available due to cancellations.

Steps and exterior door to Sir Dans residence

Correspondence and Confidentiality

We correspond with students using the email address you indicated on your U of T application. Follow these guidelines to ensure that you receive our important messages:

  • Check your email regularly – at least once per week
  • Check folders where messages may be sorted (e.g. spam, auto-filters)
  • Set email settings to accept all messages from accounts.

Notify us or Housing Services immediately if you are travelling or if your contact information changes. We are not responsible for deactivated email addresses or technical problems that prevent you from receiving our messages.

We are not permitted to discuss or disclose any part of your student information, including any aspect of your residency or application, to other people. If you want someone (e.g., parent/guardian, advisor/counsellor, friend) to access your personal information, you must provide our office with written consent.

Next Steps

After you receive a residence offer, follow these steps to secure your spot in residence!

Accept Your Residence Offer

After receiving a residence offer via email, pay your first residence deposit by the deadline stated in your offer to secure your spot in residence. 

  1. Wait for a residence offer via email. 
  2. Return to the Student Housing Portal and pay the $600 residence deposit by your given deadline. 

For cancellations, deposits are refunded using this schedule: 

  • Cancel by July 31 – $600 deposit refund 
  • Cancel on or after August 1st – no deposit refund 
  • Cancel on or after Move-In Day – no deposit refund plus cancellation fee equivalent to 28 days of room and board

Room Assignments

Building and room number assignments will be emailed to students in late August. We do our best to accommodate preferences.