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The Founding College of the University of Toronto

Getting Started Early

The following free sessions are designed to help ease your transition to U of T and to introduce you to the UC Writing Centre. Both the one-on-one and group sessions will provide valuable guidance on meeting the expectations of university writing. All incoming UC students are welcome to participate.

This summer, all Getting Started Early sessions will occur online. You may sign up for or access any of our offerings directly on this page. Details below.

You may also access any of our offerings by visiting the Quercus course UC 101.

June to mid August: One-on-one writing consultation

One-on-one workshops have ended for the summer of 2019. You may, however, return to the Writing Centre website any time after Labour Day to book a fall appointment. Appointments will begin in the first week of classes.

In the month of September, new students may bring a high school paper to their Writing Centre appointments.

Mid-August: Workshops on writing

These workshops teach essential study skills for university essay writing. All six workshops are offered as video recordings lasting approximately one hour. Download or stream whichever workshops you like. can access them right here or on the UC 101 Quercus site.

Understanding the Assignment

Make sense of your assignment instructions and get a head start.

Thesis Statements

Unify your paper around a coherent, forceful argument.

Research Strategies

Situate your paper as part of a scholarly debate by finding the most relevant sources.

Using Sources

Integrate the work of others into your own writing using paraphrase, summary, and quotation.

Revising an Essay

Hone your editing skills to produce a clear and polished paper.

Writing in the Sciences

Learn the conventions of the lab report and other scientific genres.

  • Open to all incoming UC students.
  • The college writing centres also offer a full lineup of skills sessions, titled Writing Plus, in the fall. Check this web page for details. Students who are unable to attend Getting Started Early can attend similar sessions early in the fall.

These sessions are sponsored by the UC Writing Centre and the Registrar's Office.

Late August: Writing Q&A

Join our live webinar on August 31 between 10 and 11 A.M. to ask any questions you have about any of the workshops or about writing in general. Or just attend to learn more about how to make the transition to writing in university.

Other sources of help

If your first language isn't English, consider enrolling in one of the English Language Learning Mini-Courses offers in August. Students entering university are given priority in registration.

For more information on the English Language Learning program, visit the ELL website.